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Social and travel responsible

Indochina Sails has always supported the children in local fishing villages through direct donation, equipments, learning materials and school uniforms. We also host special events on International Children day (1/6), Mid Autumn Festival, New school year. On special charter itineraries we invite the children on our boats to meet our guests and enjoy special parties with gifts and food.

Indochina Sails yearly hold an event called “Let’s join us for Green Halong ". This is a practical action of a fleet – a company should do in order to protect sustainable tourism - protect the environment and help community. That is an opportunity to be personally involved and experienced this exciting and grateful event that gave us a very strong impression, through the practical activities of the program included collecting rubbish on the bay, repainting the classes of a primary school in Cua Van Floating Village and granting children with school stationeries. Such practical and pressing activities like this will raise the awareness of tourist staffs and local people about sustainable tourism.

Through this event, Indochina Sails has created favorable conditions for their employees as well as invited guests who really care about Ha Long to contribute their efforts to clean and green this natural heritage. It was such a meaningful program, not only to do practical activities to save the bay but also to spread out a pressing message to maintain sustainable tourism and protect a Wonder of the world.

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